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Autism Song

This song was written by me when my daughter was 7 and didn't talk much.

All parents of Autistic children can understand these lyrics and this song.

New England Cable News Fall Forecast

Pat Donovan's original song "Glorious Fall New England Day" was featured on the Weather segement of NECN with Matt Noyes (the best weatherman by far).

Best Christmas Yet

One year Christmas season seemed to be depressing for some of my friends and family. So I realized how blessed I am with 3 children and a loving family so I wrote this song. Cheer up! It's Christmas! Starring Kirsten Donovan, a budding Ballerina/Princess who is autistic, my son Ryan and me of course...

Fate Accompli

Thank you Cakewalk Sonar. That is my preferred audio recording software. Most of these vidoes are just to hold the song. Close your eyes and let the music exist on it's own.

NightFall Ends

Wrote this when I realized my creativity increases 10 fold at night and especially full moons

Something New

Cobbled together public domain videos to put anything to the music. As always, music should live on it's own without visuals if it's a good musical composition